Instant EDW

Instant EDW. We have worked with clients at all levels of data sophistication. Typically payers have not fully integrated clinical, risk,  financial, operational, sales and marketing databases, making multi-functional analytics difficult. We have created a data structure model where we create a comprehensive data warehouse that is updated monthly (or quarterly). We are generally able to take data from multiple client sources and systems, cleanse and integrate them into our formats, create the meta-data and “on-leveling”, and access them with our tools within 4-6 weeks for analysis.

  • As part of our initial data intake process, we get all available data from multiple client sources and systems, internal and external that might bear on an employer, agent, provider, member, or subscriber’s experience in purchasing, retaining or using health insurance. There is no data we do not like.
  • This generally includes monthly data for 3 + years member/subscriber/employer level premium, claims, clinical, sales, operations, competitive and demographic data appended with third party customer behavior and usage information and benchmarked against market data.
  • Proprietary tools are then used to derive meta-data; roll forward impacts of any regulatory risk transfer mechanisms (ACA and Government); any anticipated competitive market driven risk transfers (Slice/Shared business in Large Group); make granular adjustments for trend, duration, seasonality, pooling/smoothing of claims, “on-leveling” of premium and claims etc.
  • Our tools also create and extract data sub-sets for custom analysis for modeling, Dashboards/KPIs and Power BI manipulation.