What We do

We are a big-data, healthcare analytics company with proprietary SaaS/ AaaS solutions that provide rapid, insightful fact generation to enhance strategic “Speed to Market” capabilities to win in the emerging consumer empowered (B2C, B2B2C) marketplace. We then accelerate “Speed to Margin” by facilitating execution, incorporating high-return strategies into routine workflows for repeatable and easy value extraction.

Our solutions create meta-data and deliver a comprehensive and accessible fact base for better strategic analysis and decisions. We help demystify for health plans and integrated providers, the granular revenue, membership, cost and profit drivers, that impact the Individual, Small and Large Group, Medicaid and Medicare businesses. Our Dashboards provide a retrospective view, monitoring the results of strategic initiatives, and our Teardowns provide an “on-level” prospective view to guide future strategies.

Our domain expertise at the unique confluence of Marketing, Risk, Clinical and Operations creates and extracts value.

We enable rapid generation of a granular, micro-segmented fact base, with multi-siloed insights that inform strategy to create value and facilitate execution to extract this value. We create competitive advantage and lower pricing, by leveraging known risk transfer mechanisms in marketing to both regulated environments (ACA/Government with explicit Risk Adjustment) and market driven environments (Large Group where risk transfer occurs passively, because of employer multi-carrier/slice, product/formulary design, brand, provider/network, agent/broker alignment etc.).

DeMystify Healthcare Delivers Speed to Market and Speed to Margin 

We enhance client “Speed to Market” capabilities to execute and win in the emerging consumer empowered (B2C and B2B2C) marketplace, by sustainably augmenting existing client fact generation assets. Our tools, consulting and coaching services help clients leverage the fact-base, and the deep, counter-intuitive insights delivered, to continuously identify strategic opportunities to improve business performance.

High-return value creating strategies, are incorporated into routine workflows for repeatable value extraction and “Speed to Margin”. Specific targetable lists are provided for Acquisition and Retention, Coding, Care Management intervention, Broker and Provider alignment. Product and Formulary design is optimized to maximize value for targeted and de-averaged consumer and employer segments.

The best payer business strategies will be found at the sweet spot where Consumer Marketing, Risk Management, Operations/IT and the Clinical functions overlap, concurrently optimizing both revenue and costs. At their core, our tools provide the fact base to help define the multi-dimensional segments and strategies that create this winning sweet spot. Leadership will need to build and use these analytic capabilities to optimize multi-functionally and not just in silos.

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