Strategic Products

We have three types of products to aid in informing and developing Strategy. Our Dashboard tools evaluate current and historical data to monitor the performance of the business and initiatives, the Prospective Teardown tools roll forward data to inform strategy, and the Product Configurator evaluates competitive, current and future product designs.

  • Our Dashboard tool monitors actual versus expected and historical P&L metrics by microsegment for revenue, membership and costs; Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) needed to assess progress on strategies and initiatives; and provide early detection of problems and opportunities.
  • Our Prospective Teardown tool helps insurers to get a 360° view of their consumers, employers, providers and distributors, and prospectively understand their economics on a granular and micro-segmented basis (by region, demographic, psychographic, PCP/facility/provider, source, duration, channel, usage, disease, product, post Risk Adjustment, subsidy, etc.). The tool identifies subsidized and subsidizing segments to inform strategy and operating plans.
  • Our Product Configurator tool provides for agile evaluation, designing and pricing of complex multi-tier products and Rx formularies, optimizing multiple benefit options to achieve an overall target AV while maximizing value for the target consumer segments. This optimization can be done in aggregate, or by region/network, or for discreet consumer or employer segments, or at an individual employer level.
  • We have two types of Executive Coaching expertise.
    The first is working with leadership to ask the right questions, to get the most value creating strategies, and the best actions institutionalized for repeatable value extraction.
    Our second area, involves working with Actuarial and Marketing/Sales teams to drive profitable membership growth. This involves helping Marketers to think like Actuaries about Risk; and Actuaries to think like Marketers to enable desired Sales growth.